Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Introduction to....well....Research

Hi, welcome to my blog!!! Glad you can make it here. (it took me 30 long minutes T_T)  But I am quite excited to be here, I am really interested in science and hopefully become a participates in the medical field.  Because I joined a program at school, I am forced (correction: willingly) to find a lab.
And yea...I just started research here at Caltech several weeks ago, not knowing anything about anything, except the basic chemistry course I took at my high school (yea, I am still in high school).  When I first came to the lab, I was astonished by how much instruments and machines it has in it.  I probably don't know how to use 99% of it.  My mentor was nice enough to teach me stuff from the beginning...starting with....the pH meter.  Since my high school is too poor to even get pH meters, I only read about it in the book.  Then again, I read a lot of things in books, but I never get to try any of those.  I guess this can be my chance trying to learn stuff I never learn in school, and get experience from researches I conduct here.
Thank you for viewing my blog, ciao ciao. :)